Charging Policy

Clear details of how we charge for services and domain names

Charging Policy

We believe in telling you exactly what you may be liable to pay. There are no hidden extras and we won't charge you anything you haven't been made aware of. You will always be given the opportunity to cancel a service before you are charged for it.

Money Back Guarantee

By offering a 30 day money back guarantee you are able to try our service out. If, within 30 days of activation you feel that the service is not for you you may cancel and receive a full refund, excluding additions and domain registrations. Read our money back guarantee.

Domain Names

Outbound transfers:

We will not charge for transferring a domain away. If you register a domain with us as long as it has been paid for there is no penalty or fee levied by us.

Inbound transfers

We do not charge for inbound transfers of, .uk,,,

For all other domain names types we only charge if the transfer is a full transfer. A full transfer is where we become the service provider responsible for billing you.

Because a charge is levied on us by the registry we pass that on to you although in most circumstances it does extend the life of the domain for 1 year. The charge amount is notified at the point of order.

If the transfer is only a partial transfer where we are not the billing ISP but you use our DNS servers then we make an annual charge of 10 pounds plus VAT because:

1) A partial transfer requires an engineer to add the domain to our DNS

2) Our network resources are used in hosting the DNS entry and responding to queries for that domain

3) By adding the domain to our DNS and control panel you are entitled to use the free web and e-mail diversion facilities we provide in our control panel.

We believe this is a fair policy and represents good value for money.

While your domain is with us we will do our best to ensure that you are kept aware of when it is due for renewal and issue renewal notices in good time ensuring you retain your domain name.

Domain Name and Service Renewals

When a service is due for renewal you will normally be contacted via e-mail and advised of the renewal.

Renewal invoices and advice notices will be sent via email 30 days prior to expiry of the domain name. Further renewal notices will be sent 14 days, 7 days 1 day prior to expiry. A final notice will be sent 7 days after expiry.

All domain names and services will ordinarily be subject to automatic renewal 3 days prior to expiry using the credit or debit card details you provide a the time of sign up or subsequently update.

If domain names or services are not renewed by the expiry date they will be suspended immediately.

We will attempt to take payment each week for 4 weeks. If domain names or services remain unpaid after 60 days they will be terminated and deleted from our systems. If we have renewed or registered your domain name but you have not paid for it we reserve the right to take ownership of that domain name.

The address we e-mail you on is the e-mail address used to apply for the service you have taken with us originally. Please note that the onus is on you to notify us of any changes of contact details. You can also update these yourself via the control panel.

Further information

If there is any information you can't find on our web site or that we have not included here please ask by either calling 0330 010 2273 or submit a query via the support portal

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