Email Hosting

Choose from Standard Email with SmarterMail or Microsoft Exchange 2019

Standard Mail
  • 10 Mailboxes
  • 50 GB Storage
  • POP3 and IMAP
  • SPAM and Virus Filtered
  • UK Based
Exchange Online Plan 1
  • From 1 Mailbox
  • Secure and reliable business-class email with a 50 GB mailbox per user.
  • Connect any supported version of Outlook
  • Web Based access vmirroring the look and feel the Outlook Client.
  • Protected with premier anti-malware and anti-spam protection via Exchange Online Protection
  • Compare calendars to schedule meetings and access collaboration features, including shared calendars, groups, the global address list, external contacts, tasks, conference rooms, and delegation capabilities
Exchange Online Plan 2
  • From 1 Mailbox
  • All the features of Exchange Online (Plan 1), plus unlimited storage, hosted voicemail, and data loss prevention.
  • Secure and reliable business-class email with a 100 GB mailbox per user.
  • Take advantave of hosted Unified Messaging services that provide call answering, a dial-in user interface, and company automated attendant capabilities
  • Control sensitive business data with built-in data loss prevention (DLP) policies based on regulatory standards such as personally identifiable information (PII) and payment card industry (PCI), which help to identify, monitor, and protect sensitive data through deep content analysis
  • Take advantage of unlimited storage (100 GB of storage in the user's primary mailbox, plus unlimited storage in the user's In-Place Archive)

Reasons to Choose

Faster, better.

You need your email hosting to be fast, why compromise? We don't.

The biggest thing to slow a computer down is slow storage. If you've ever compared a non SSD computer to one with SSD you'll know exactly what we mean.

For that reason we never compromise on storage. Traditional rotational disks have a purpose but not when you need performance. For that reason we only use Pure SSD storage for maximum performance.


Buy only what you need

Choose Microsoft Exchange and buy only the mailboxes you need, perfect for those with changing requirements for example businesses who's staffing changes due to seasonal requirements..

You can also scale up and down at any time, so you won't be tied in to long contracts.

Built for Speed

And reliability of course.

We know that mail is critical to you and the faster it arrives or is delivered the better. We build our servers on Dell hardware, reknowned in the industry for it's rock solid reliability.

100% Server & Network Uptime SLA

Putting our money where our mouth is.

Promising 100% uptime is a bold move we know, but we've made the investment in our equipment and our network to be confident that they will do what we promise.

Our Uptime SLA means that in the unlikely event we have a network or hardware outage we'll refund you for the period of the outage.

Maximum Support

We're here for you

You don't always need our support, but we'll be there for you when you do. The rest of the time we'll be here making sure the services we provide for you are up and running 24/7.

When you do need us we'll be there. Call our support line or open a support ticket and we'll do our very best to get your issue resolved as fast as possible

Awesome Webmail

When you need to work with webmail so shouldn't it be the best

Our standard Mail uses the fantastic Smartermail Webmail interface, and it really is smarter. Mobile friendly but fully featured with contacts, calendars, the ability to hook into external accounts and so much more.

If you choose Exchange Online you'll get the all powerful Microsoft Exchange Webmail, the very same webmail that powers Microsoft 365.


You probably have questions but here are the answers to a few of the ones we hear most.

If you don't see the answer, please ask - we're happy to help.

Standard Mail uses the same mail servers we use for our web hosting. It's perfectly robust and even has the ability to optionally add Exchange ActiveSync for push mail functionality, but at the end of the day it isn't Microsoft Exchange.

Microsoft Exchange however is the standard for enterprise email and is the only system that will offer full native functionality to Microsoft Outlook on the PC or Mac.

If you are looking for business email then you should choose Microsoft Exchange.

Yes we do and it is supported on both Standard and Exchange Email, although if you have Exchange then you really should use the native Exchange protocols and Microsoft Outlook for the best functionality.

With Microsoft Exchange Premium you get a licenced copy of Microsoft Outlook for PC or Mac for use as long as your serice stays active. With Exchange Standard you would need to have your own licence.

If you already have a copy of Microsoft Outlook then choose Exchange Standard, although we would receommend the latest version of Microsoft Outlook for full fucntionality.

You can add or remove mailboxes at any time. You can add as many mailboxes as you need and scale those back when you don't.

One of the key features of our mail platform is flexibility.

It depends very much on wherethe mail is right now and what it is hosted on. If mail migration is something you need then please talk to us and we can let you know if it's something we can do for you.

If we can migrate your email it is chargeable, but don't be afraid to ask for a quote. There is no obligation and it might be less than you think.

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