Our 30 day Moneyback Guarantee

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Our 30 day moneyback guarantee give you the piece of mind to buy our services without worrying that you're making a bad choice. You'll have up to 30 days to get set up and use the service secure in the knowledge that if you're not happy you can get a refund.

Put simply, if you are unhappy with our web hosting services within the first 30 days after purchase you can cancel your service and we'll refund you in full, less any domain registration charges. The guarantee is available for any of our shared hosting or email services.

Any domain names you have purchased with a service that is subsequently refunded will be made available to you for transfer to the provider of your choice or we will park it for free.

If you continue to use the service beyond 30 days then you will continue to be subject to our normal terms and conditions.

Things that are not covered by this guarantee

There are certain things that are not covered under the money back guarantee and these are listed here. The money back guarantee does not extend to supplemental services or add ons, for example additional IP addresses or IP addresses. Domain name registration fees and SSL certifcates are excluded also, as we are charged at the point of purchase for these and so cannot in most cases receive refunds ourselves.

Dedicated servers and VPS are not covred by the guarantee as they are often used for one off short term projects and so this is open to abuse.

If you have previously claimed under our money back guarantee but then subsequently order a new service you are no longer eligable to claim under the guarantee as you have already had an opportunity to sample our service.

The guarantee is not applicable if you;ve had your service terminated under our acceptable usage policy as you will have broken the rules.

We that's fair and we hope you do too.

Further information

If there is any information you can’t find on our web site or that we have not included here please ask by calling us on 0330 010 2273 or by emailing [email protected]

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